Digital Marketing Expert

Takarub looking for Digital Marketing Expert 

1) Expertise in digital biddable media is a Must

- Plan month on month performance marketing campaigns

- Look at day-today optimizations and continuous improvements

- Management reporting on business KPI’s

2) Proven track record of acquisition campaigns

- Conceptualizing and tracking CPL/CPA campaigns for new customer acquisitions

- Monitor customer lifecycle value and RoAS

- Comfortable with affiliate networks and publishers partnerships

3) Marketing technology

- Rich experience of programmatic buying

- Proven record of constantly updating skillset basis new digital marketing tools

- Working knowledge of DSP/DMP/Ad Serving/ Adverification eco-system

4) Reporting and analysis

- Management reporting on campaigns performance

- Customer behaviour analysis

- Targeting effectiveness analysis

- New innovations effectiveness

Desired Candidate Profile:

-Education And Experience Required

-Candidate should have 2-4 years of experience in managing Digital campaigns

-University or Bachelors degree in Marketing or Business.

-Excellent written and verbal communication skills. English and Arabic languages.

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