Senior Java Developer

We are looking for an ambitious Senior Java Developer to join us with Takarub team

Job description :

  • Hands-on attitude for producing excellent quality of code, adhering to expected coding standards and industry best practices.
  • Strong experience in Core Java, Multithreading, OOPS, and Framework.
  • Good knowledge of SQL like MYSQL.
  • Experience with Tomcat.
  • Familiarity with concepts of MVC, JDBC, and RESTful.
  • Worked on or knowledge of Micro Services Architecture, Distributed Systems.
  • Problem-solving/troubleshooting skills.
  • Design, code, test, analyze, evaluate, debug and document application programs in Java (EE) technologies.
  • Design and implement processes, workflow, and data models according to the requirements.
  • Provide assistance in the creation of the system design and functional specifications.
  • Identify and apply appropriate modern technologies and techniques for software development.
  • Maintain and enhance existing code and database schemas.
  • Closely collaborate with other teams while assisting in evolving the company's product.
  • Should be structured in-code documentation, use of tools like Atlassian – Confluence / JIRA.
  • Strong Communication Skills.


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