About us

Vas Services in MENA region 

TAKARUB is one of the top Vas companies in MENA region, with local representative in Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Sudan, and Tanzania.

Our solutions empowering over 40 telecom giants. Takarub suite of solutions is the result of continuous and insightful innovation by some of the brightest minds in the country.

With several patent submissions and a wide range of accolades, we have been engineering  products that have created quantum shifts in the VAS landscape across the world .

Takarub’s VAS products are enabling over 4 million users globally, to experience state-of-the-art VAS offerings.

Key staff members

Mr. Raed Alzawaideh
Chairman of the board

Mr. Wael Munir

Mrs. Rasha Selaa
HR manager

Our philosophy

Vision - Takarub thrives to create innovative mobile value added services and content that would benefit individuals, businesses and communities. This is achieved through making available all types of beneficial mobile VAS and content that are required today and in the future. Furthermore, Takarub is strongly targeting a new era of convergence in the Media and various system implementation. Mobile operators are keen to facilitate the interactivity between their subscribers and all means of media; TV Radio and the Internet. Also, Takarub is aiming to provide innovative solutions for both corporates and mobile operators to efficiently serve their customers and differentiate themselves from the rest of companies.

Mission - Establish new grounds for mobile services philosophy in our region by leading the way in setting new standards of innovative quality services the path that will keep always a leading organization in our field.

Achievements & Awards

  • The fastest growing VAS company in the region .
  • Projected presence in over 80 countries by 2022 .
  • Among top 5 revenue generating partners at most locations .
  • Pioneering several path-breaking mobile services and technology platforms .