About us

About us:

Established in 2004 with more than 17 years in business and a portfolio full of diversified services, Takarub is a leading company in developing IT solutions using first-class brands to provide our partners and clients with unparalleled products and services. Our main strength is our highly skilled and efficient team.

Our goal is always to help our customers obtain the best types of services that help them improve their business performance and increase competition.

Takarub is one of the largest distributors of value-added services and provides integrated IT solutions for companies and small and medium enterprises.



Our Goal:

Since achieving prosperity in the market and activating business in an innovative way is necessary and in order to make a change in the field of business for the better, we believe that cooperation and professionalism are the main values ​​in strengthening our relations with our partners and customers, and that we share with our customers all our resources and experiences to reshape and build the future.